|| Jayson Nathaniel Thompson June 18th, 2014 💙 || Marcos Devon Thompson July 17th, 2013 ❤️ || Taylor-Jade Bean June 18th, 1995 💜 ||


It’s whatever. I already lost my son, what’s losing another important person in my life?

mylittlemixedfamily he has “important things” going on in his life and doesn’t have time for “arguing.”

Marcos came over, had dinner at my parents’, then broke up with me.

So I’ve decided to get a breast reduction surgery. I’m a DD, and I wanna go down to a B.

Jayson Nathaniel Thompson. Drawn by wildfl0w3rr.
Q: I am so sorry for your loss of Jayson, and I send you love and strength every time I see a post on my dash. I am proud of you for healing through this though. Your last post was very wise and it seems like you can see the light even in this situation. <3

I love you for this

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Q: Why do you have to be so pretty? Ugh I'm seriously jealous!!!!

thank you baby! you’re gorgeous too though!

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having an ugly day wah

if you’re having an ugly day, we must all be hideous


so airplanes officially banned tweezers. honestly i think anyone that can hijack an airplane with a pair of tweezers deserves the airplane


ROCHAS Spring 2013 (details)